Little Free Pantry builds community and addresses gaps in food accessibility

In high poverty areas, the LFP can be used to supplement emergency food access and provide for personal item needs. In less at-risk communities, the LFP can be used for an after school snack or the proverbial cup of sugar. No matter the setting, LFP nurtures the spirit of giving for giving's sake.

We’re expanding access to food in your neighborhood

We just launched our first pantry, and several people have expressed interest in hosting one around town. Maybe you’d like to take part, too?

What Is It?

LFP Bloomington is a local chapter of the national Little Free Pantry movement.

What Can I Put In A Pantry?

Little Free Pantry is ideal for food and household items and small toys. When donating food, please consider the season and if your donation might freeze or melt. Nonperishable food items work best. If you do donate something with a short shelf life please remember to check back and remove any leftovers before they spoil.

Who Can Use A Little Free Pantry? 

Anyone! Anyone can give to and take from a Little Free Pantry, no questions asked.


Host a pantry, help a pantry

Are you interested in being part of the Little Free Pantry movement? We are always looking to expand our reach.

You can help build pantries, host them, stock them, tend them, and promote them!

Volunteer with Us

Find a Pantry

One and growing

We just launched our first pantry at 1008 S Palmer Ave, near Bryan Park!

We are always looking to reach more people, so if you are interested in helping us grow please consider completing our volunteer form or making a donation.

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